Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're in Tassie

View from the front at Burnie

Our palatial accommodation

View from the back at Bernie

There are a couple of Lizzies favourite birds if you look closely.

G'day Everyone

The ship arrived in Devonport at just on 6.00am which was the advertised time. Pretty good considering that there a lots of variables like weather for the ship to contend with. The cars started disembarking at about 6.10, but we weren't in the first group. When they load they have like suspended platforms which they load first and unload last. With us they stuck to the good old union adage, first on last off.

We were off at about 6.30am and once through quarantine inspection were on the road by about 6.45. Don't know how many cars were on board but they had them all off in under 30 minutes.
As you can see we had an early start to the day. Breakfast was pretty good and comparable in price to the McDonalds we had in Wagga Wagga on Monday morning.
We arrived at Judy and Henry's place at about 7.30am and saw Judy, Henry and Cassie before they went to work. We stayed there until about 11.00am and then did a touristy thing and visited a cheese shop and whiskey distillery. Phill had a taste of their peat smoked single malt. It's not like visiting a winery for tasting because it cost $3.00 for a half nip.

Judy and Henry have given Deb a birthday present that we all benefit from. They gave her one night in what can only be called a palace. It is a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets. As well as this there is a beautiful out the back window. It overlooks the agriculture plot of a high school where there are chooks and other ag type things. We are able to do any washing that needs to be done.

Deb and Judy went out for a coffee this afternoon to catch up with all the news and just enjoy each others company which they both have missed.

I'm going to attach some photos of the house. Hopefully I'll be able to figure how to get the captions I put on the photos to line up. You should get the general idea anyway.
Judy has made a chicken casserole which we now have in the oven. Judy and Henry are coming round and we will all share the meal together.


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  1. OMG Poppy had Maccas!!!!! WHAT!!!!
    I hope he didnt eat a hash brown!!! Cause they are made from potatos.... LOL :)
    Love Niss and Jan