Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Post

G'day All

Today we are at South West Rocks. It is the middle of our time here, we are leaving for Gunnedah on Friday afternoon, and I thought I would take thgis opportunity to start the Tassie Tourists blog.

I am going to try and get something up at the end of each day so that you will be able to keep up with our exploits in the Apple Isle.

We will be leaving for Tasmania on Sunday. Hopefully we will get to Wagga Wagga late on Sunday afternoon. It should take us about 71/2 hours to get there which will leave us about 41/2 hours to get to Port Melbourne where the ferry terminal is located. We have to be there 45 minutes before departure at the latest. Boarding starts 11/2 hours before departure. If we stick to out schedule we will be there in plenty of time.

Because my mobile modem is a Telstra one I will be unable to send emails from my BigPond account so I will be using gmail. I will still be able to receive emails on BigPond so keep sending them there. Jusy don't be surprised when you get an email from

Just send me an email if you read the blog.


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