Saturday, July 31, 2010

In and Around Hobart

Salamanca and Beyond!!!

Today we started the day by visiting the Salamanca Markets which is pretty close to the waterfront. Salamanca Place which runs next to the wharves is blocked off and given over to stall holders. There is all sorts of things on sale from jam doughnuts to leather hats and apples to zucchini. The markets start at 8.30 am and some stall holders are there setting up at 6.30 am. It must be pretty cold at that time because it was quite chilly while we were walking around.

The markets are much the same as most markets you will find on the mainland, however with the unique produce and products on offer they are unique. These markets are held every Saturday. Parking wasn't a problem, there were a few areas of cleared land that were being used as car parks and we were able to stay all day if we wanted to for $4.00. Saved us quite a walk.

We spent about 3 hours from 8.30 to 11.30 am at the markets. After we finished there we came back to our accommodation to have lunch. Phill didn't have any because he had bratwurst on a bread roll just before we left the markets. We had to get some bread etc. before lunch and we went to the local Coles/Kmart shopping centre. It was a little different to what we are used to as each had their own entrance with speciality shops. Bit different to the shopping centres we are used to. We might have to do more research on the topic.

After lunch we went exploring. First we went to the Wicked Cheese Company. Only tasted about 10 cheeses. They had some double and triple Bree and a very nice Camembert. Pat and Phil liked the triple Bree and I liked the Camembert. They also had a really nice soft cheese with chilly in it. It seemed to wait until you swallowed and then hit you from behind. It was really nice. There was also some very nice cheddars as well. I liked the plain cheddar then the smoked, wasn't all that keen on the whiskey cheddar.

We then drove through the south western suburbs to the shot tower that was built in the 1870's. Where it is situated overlooks the Derwent and it is sitting on a sandstone outcrop about 10 metres thick. We had a very good drive back because I found 4 dead ends. I was going to see if I could find 10 but the others wouldn't be in it. It isn't a good sight seeing outing if you don't find at least one dead end.

The scenery down by the banks of the Derwent are really nice. There are quite a few small sandy beaches that look really nice and if the temperature was about 20 degrees warmer I may have been tempted to try it. The temperature today has been hovering at about 16 degrees.
We have completed our adventures for the day and have had our cheese and bickies. Couldn't start that until 5.00 pm.

The entrance to our unit at Graham Court

The main building on Graham Court where we are staying in Hobart.

I'll have another chapter in the Tassie Tourist saga tomorrow.


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  1. Thanks Guys, sounds great, especially the markets, very sad though...........that we're not there.
    Keep on dancin,
    Norma n Darryl.