Monday, July 26, 2010

Across the Sea to Tassie

Station Pier where we embarked

Melbourne Moonlight shot while embarking

G'day Everyone

Second night on the trek to Tasmania. Planned on leaving Wagga Wagga between 8.00am and 9.00am. We were out of the Caravan Park by about 8.30 but didn't get away after breakfast until about 9.15am. Not bad considering.

The trip down from Wagga Wagga to Melbourne was excellent, especially after we got to Albury where we met the Hume Motorway. Absolutely fabulous. The only time I can remember going through 2 cities, Albury and Wodonga, at 110 km/hr. Got to the city and was on a toll-road. Thank goodness for Lizzie's motorway transducer. Beeped about 3 times that I can recall.

Got to Port Melbourne at about 3.15pm after a few detours when Betty (GPS) didn't give us instructions quickly enough. She redeemed herself in the end by getting us here.

Had a ride in a tram into the city to fill in some time. A really good way to travel in the city. Get rid of the cars I say and replace them with trams.

Started the movement of the car at about 6.15 but didn't start the car onto the vessel until about 8.00pm. We were the 5th vehicle into the car garage. Don't know how many were after us but there were 5 lines of cars and each line would have been about 200 metres.

We are now on our way across to Tasmania. We should be passing through the heads to Port Phillip Bay at 11.30pm but I am not staying up to see it. At the present time we should be about half way across Port Phillip Bay. The ship, Spirit of Tasmania I travells at about 27 knots

We disembark at about 6.00am so we will get up early to have breakfast. Prices seem very reasonable for a place that has a captive audience.

Well another day of travelling which has been really interesting. Weather was kind to us today. No extremes, however cold, 3 deg to start the day. I'll close here so that I can upload while I have a mobile signal.


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