Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strahan to Queenstown

Day 3 - Strachan to Queenstown

We have had a pretty lazy day today. We are all settled in our accommodation in Queenstown and it's just after 4.00 pm.

We had a nice wander around Strahan today and it is quite a pleasant little town. It appears that the main industries are tourism and fishing. Quite a few fishing and work boats similar to landing craft in the bay adjacent to the town.

We were going to go on a steam train trip, however when we checked the prices on the net before leaving home we thought it might not be a good thing for our finances. On the net the price quoted was $189 dollars per person for the five and a half hour journey returning to Strahan by bus. When we checked this morning it was a little cheaper, $111 per person and $18 return bus fare. It would mean $516 for the four of us. Bit expensive so we decided to take some pictures of it instead. I got 40 pictures and Deb took 34. We actually chased the train down the line a little bit. It was a dirt road which got us very close to the train where we could see into the carriages. Very interesting.

We went into some of the forest areas around Strahan and got some very nice photos of the wildflowers that grew in the heath type areas inland from the ocean. The flowers were like small bells, some were pink, some were white and some were yellow. We went into Strahan where we had morning tea near the wharf area. There was a 50 ft Robinson yacht, (I didn't know anything about it, Phill told me) that was registered in Geraldton WA. Nice boat if you like that sort of thing. Me I'd rather turn a key to get my motive power.

After looking around Strahan we decided to head for Queenstown which is across the mountains. While we were at the Wilderness Steam Train Souvenir Shop the lady there told us that the road from Strahan to Queenstown was quite windy and we should take care. The road is very much like the Walcha to Wauchope only longer.

We were looking for somewhere to have lunch and the person at the Tourist Information place recommended the Empire Hotel because of it's heritage value. The hotel was built in 1904 and the staircase was installed in 1908. The staircase is made out of Tasmanian timber which was sent to England to be built. It was returned and reerected in the foyer of the hotel. It is most impressive. We all had the beef in red wine pie with vegetables and chips. All we needed and only $8.00 each.

We thought we might head to Derwent Bridge which is on the way to Hobart, however, the accommodation at Derwent Bridge was very expensive. We have found a very nice cabin for $110 for the night. Very clean with all the things that we need like linen, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans etc..

We have found Queenstown very depressing, maybe because it is raining and has been for most of the day. This is an old mining town with a lot of smaller cottages very close together on the sides of hills that surround the main part of the town.

We are heading to Hobart tomorrow. We may get there, however we will definitely be there for Saturday and the Salamanca Markets which are supposed to be superb.



  1. Tassie Tourists,

    Great to get your blog. I haven't been able to get to it until tonight. Great read and good to hear what Tassie is like.

    Keep up the commentary and the photos.


  2. Hi Tassie Tourists

    Great to hear you made it all that way without incident. Too bad for the weather effects though. At least the cabins seem comfortable enough. Keep up the great photos and descriptive comments, they are good reading.

    Jan and Bernie