Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Day in Tasmania

Blog number 20

Our last day in Tasmania has been nice and quiet. While we were waiting to go out this morning the Spirit of Tasmania was coming into the Mersey River. The caravan park overlooks the entrance. Hopefully it wont be as late tomorrow.

This morning we went to Don which is just down the road. The Don River flows through the town and there is a small railway that is run by enthusiastic volunteers. The name of the Railway is the “Don River Railway”. As usual the people working there were very helpful and enthusiastic telling us all about the railway and what would be good places around the district to visit.

We took a ride in the rail motor type train that they run every hour. The ride was basically from the restored railway station to the end of the river where the Don River Railway line meets the mainline from Burnie to Hobart and Launceston. The driver gave a running commentary all the way pointing out some of the various sites and buildings of interest. When we got to the end of the line we stopped and got out to stretch our legs (which we needed to after 10 minutes) and had a talk to the driver who told us a little about what the organisation was all about.

Deb did her normal thing and asked for two pensioners, one senior and one normal person. Because there is normally a different price and for pensioners/seniors and normal people they normally charge the cheaper price because it is easier to work out. It works nearly every time. It did this time.

Before the trip Phil and I had a look through their workshop where they had some rolling stock set up as displays. They also had some interesting steam driven machinery on display as well. There was a steam generator set from the 1920's that started life in Queensland and a marine feed water pump. They also had the engine and running gear from the type of locomotive that we did our trip on.

Judy met us for coffee in the shopping mall and then we carried out some retail therapy. Henry came to see us during his lunch hour which passed very quickly but it was really nice to catch up with him. Judy and Henry are very good friends and we will have to return some time in the future.

We have just arrived back from a nice meal of meat and vegies at the local bowls club. We were the only ones there and the service couldn't have been better. The people there were the usual chatty type that we have come to expect from the people in Tasmania.

I have put in a picture of the wildlife warning signs that are displayed around the state. I will let make your own mind up about who is coming off second best and what is doing what!!.

We'll be up early tomorrow morning. We went to get some information from the Spirit of Tasmania people today and they said we won't have to get there until just after 7.00 am. Hopefully it will be on time so we don't have to sit around waiting too long.

I'll try and get a blog off before we get to Melbourne tomorrow evening.


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