Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Huon Valley - Day 2

Today we did the Eastern side of the Huon River. We more or less did a circumnavigation from Kingston to Kingston. We left a little later today, about 9.15 am and got back about 4.30 pm. We went down to Huonville and then headed towards a little town called Cygnet because of all the black swans that were found here by the early settlers.

We travelled about 8 km along the main road when we saw a road that looked interesting. It took us along a road that went really close to the water for about 30 km. Part of the road was dirt but pretty good surface. When we got on to the bitumen again someone said that the gravel road surface was better. The road led us into Cygnet from a different direction than we would have arrived through some really nice scenery.

From Cygnet we went across country through some hills which again gave us some really nice views towards a town called Woodbridge. From there we headed to Grandvewe Cheeses which is south of Woodbridge at a place called Birchs Bay. The cheese is made from sheep milk which is low in cholesterol, high in calcium and does not have lactose. It is closer to human milk than cows milk so is better for you.

Once we had tasted the cheeses and tasted the wines and liqueurs (and a nice mutton sausage) we headed north again towards Kettering where we had our lunch overlooking the marina there. There must be a lot of money around in Tasmania because there are lots of very nice boats and yachts moored and tied up there. We saw a nice catamaran that was on the slips there. Looked like it would be good to do some cruising in.

After lunch we headed back towards Hobart but on the way we passed through a little town called Margate where they have a very interesting set of shops. They are in an old train. Although trains did not run to Margate the people of the town decided to purchase the locomotive and carriages and place it on the road side with some shops. There is a lolly shop, a cafe, a barber, a bookshop and a photographic studio. There is also an antique shop and a rug/carpet shop in the same area. They have the best licorice bullets. They are about 30 cm of normal sized licorice covered in chocolate.

At the antique shop Phil found a hat the he felt might add some character to his persona. He tried it on but it wasn't a good look. I have included a photograph so that you can judge for yourselves.

The Antarctic Marine Division was on the way near to where Deb's uncle lives. We had a look at the display set up there and were impressed with the distances that the Australian bases are away from Tasmania and Hobart which is where the headquarters is located. It is over 5800 km from Hobart to Davis Base. A long way by any standards.

We called in to see Ray Hayes (Deb's uncle) after the Antarctic Division HQ to have a cuppa and to say goodbye and than headed home to our accommodation to wash, pack and get ready to leave tomorrow.

We will be visiting the Cadbury factory and heading up the east coast tomorrow.

I'll tell you all about it in the next blog.


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