Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Burnie and Surrounds

Today Judy came down to us at Penguin and we headed to an attraction that Judy hadn't visited. We went to a local business that has a greenhouse and tea rooms. The people who own the business used to be farmers and grow fuchsia as a hobby, now they grow them full time. There were hundreds of plants in the greenhouse, most of which were flowering. There were all sorts of colours and we found a white one called Miss Debbie.

It was so damp in the greenhouse that a lot of the plants and pots had moss growing in the pots or on the plants. I was amazed by the look and some looked like they had been bonsaied

After our visit to Fuchsia Fantasy we went into Burnie to have another taste of cheese. Phil had got a taste of it on our first day in Tasmania and we had to go back and make a purchase.

Penguin was our venue for lunch. Judy had brought some home made chicken soup and we had it with some nice fresh bread rolls that we had purchased earlier in the day when we visited a small shopping centre with some specialist stores. There was a delicatessen that had lots of different cheeses, hams etc.. We spent a while there just looking at everything.
The beach is about 30 metres behind us and Judy, Deb and I went for a walk along there this afternoon. The breeze was quite strong and cool. I didn't check to see what the water temperature was like because I had no intention of going in. Judy said that it gets to about 16 degrees during the summer. For me that is still about 10 degrees cooler than I feel is suitable for bathing. Although it was very brisk the company made it quite pleasant.

This afternoon Judy left us at about 4.15 pm and as she left the rain started to fall and it has rained fairly heavily since and it is now nearly 9.00 pm. Hopefully it will not be raining in the morning because we will be heading for Cradle Mountain. Evidently it sometimes snows and along with it comes black ice. I will be taking it very easy.

I'll let you know what is was like in the next blog.


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