Monday, August 9, 2010

Burnie and Beyond

We came into Burnie to meet Judy for coffee at the Makers Market where various crafts persons display their wares for sale. Today there was a paper maker and an artist featured. From there we followed Judy back to her place and she joined us for a cruise down the coast to Ulverstone. In Penguin we checked out some alternate 2 bedroom accommodation at the Penguin Holiday Apartments which we decided to take.

The road to Ulverstone follows the coast very closely. I cannot recollect anywhere on the mainland that has surf, road then farms all within about 10 metres of each other like they have down here in Tasmania. It is really picturesque. I'll try and get some photographs of it tomorrow.
Today I didn't get my camera out so this blog is a bit short of photos.

At Ulverstone we had lunch and partook in one of Judy's favourite pastimes of looking through antique shops. The one we had a look at today had some really nice stuff. There were some great Royal Dalton dinner sets that would have been nice to bring home. Would have made a big hole in the holiday budget.

After lunch we went out to Natone where we had stayed last night and we did a quick pack up. The people there were really nice. Because we were leaving part way through the day we offered them two days payment. They wouldn't accept so we will try and get something nice from Gunnedah to send them in appreciation of their consideration.

We have settled in to our accommodation and Judy and Henry came down to have a meal with us. Judy made a tuna pasta dish which was very nice. I think everyone had seconds. We then had dessert which was pretend brandy snaps filled with caramel and topped with cream. Very nice.
It has been a very slow day for us today but really nice because we have been able to catch up with Judy and Henry.

Tomorrow will be around the Burnie area checking out the local attractions.


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